Great place to go for hearing aid services! The audiologist/salesperson was very friendly and very knowledgeable. He did an audiology test in an appropriately equipped soundproof booth, then explained my results carefully. He also offered me different price point hearing aid products and explained the differences, advantages and disadvantages of each. This was my first exposure to this subject, so I can’t compare it to any previous hearing aid purchase process, but I am now looking forward to receiving my new hearing aids and getting back into the world of actually hearing and understanding sounds of so many types, and especially conversations and film speech (movies, tv, videos).
Barbara Tribble, on Google
Excellent staff from entrance to completion. We never felt pressured to make a decision. We had time to ask and receive answers as Jeremy took the time to make sure all were addressed. We are very pleased to say we walked out very happy and looking forward to continuing services. Yes this was a referral as we thought there was nothing else that could be done. Thanks again.
Pat Williams, on Google
Very professional and competent and friendly. Could not have asked for more professionalism and help. Thorough and thoughtful. Knowledgeable and professional in every way. Product was very professionally explained and he was great in answering all questions.
Elaine Sonnier, on Google
I really enjoy my visit here. They are always so nice and on schedule. No worries. Yes I would recommend everyone to go to this place..🙂
laura “Shortcake” tyson, on Google
Great staff who take the time to help with your care of your hearing. The whole team is focused and considerate and would recommend their services to any one who would like to improve their ability to hear better.
Kenneth Stokely, on Google

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